feedback from Kate's students

“Kate is very generous in sharing her astonishing expertise, and her teaching style is warm and utterly non-threatening... she is a talented and inspiring professional. ” -  —Jane F.

"Kate's incredible passion for jazz music is contagious. You can't help but be excited about the art form once you've had the opportunity to work with her. Not only is she a talented and inspiring musician herself, but she has a gift for teaching which encourages confidence and growth in her students. In my experience of being mentored by Kate, I have learned some of the most valuable lessons about technique, phrasing, lyric and musicianship that will forever influence my singing. Thank you, Kate, for helping me gain confidence in my voice and for introducing me to the wonderful world of jazz. " —Natasha D.

"When I first started lessons with Kate, I was a shy, self-concious girl who was afraid of the sound of her own voice. As our lessons have continued, I have become a confident young woman who loves to sing for the world to hear. Kate's creative teaching style encourages, motivates, and equips you with the skills you need to succeed. She has been a wonderful teacher, mentor and friend." —Robyn M.

"Kate, you are an inspiration to me! As a teacher you are consistently encouraging and unconditionally supportive yet you somehow always manage to inspire and challenge me to go beyond what I think I am capable of.
As a performer you have shown me first-hand what I can hope and aspire to be. You are a wonderful teacher and role model." —Caralyn T.

"Thank you for your time, effort and expertise, and for passing on to me your love of all things jazz. You've taught me more than just the basics of jazz vocal history, mic technique, function, charting, rehearsal and bandstand etiquette. You have given me a respect for the people who live this art form. You have introduced me to music that moves me and have inspired me to work hard at my craft. Thank you Kate, for being a mentor and for giving so freely to the Vancouver vocal jazz scene." —Elaine T.

"It took only one lesson before I was hooked on Kate's teaching style. Her charismatic teaching techniques fill you with confidence to grow and develop your voice to its full potential. The amount of energy she puts into each lesson is truly inspiring. Not only do I see and feel a change in my voice since I started lessons with Kate, I get a great amount of positive feedback from my audiences. I am thankful for the opportunity to have Kate as my vocal coach, and wish others the same opportunity." —Angie R.

"My first lesson with you was great. Honestly, that time of focusing on relaxation and breathing techniques showed me some things that I really needed to work on, even in my non-singing life.
I think that lesson was the beginning of something really good that carried out through my summer. It's funny how those unexpected moments in life with someone you've just met can have such a big impact." —Monique S.

"I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed my VCC experience with you so, so much. It was so great, and very inspiring." —Lydia H.

"Kate, thank you for your instruction. Even though we had only a couple of sessions I came away feeling more confident and like I had a more developed sense of self in regards to my voice. It really helped me to think of my entire body as an instrument! I look forward to continuing to develop my vocal skills and hope to work with you again in the future." —Johanna P.

"Take a singing class from Kate Hammett-Vaughan... you get to learn from a gifted vocalist and musician; a gutsy, talented, and conscientious teacher who's great at making complex musical concepts accessible and empowering her students to take risks; and a kind and supportive human being. Plus you'll have fun!" —Donaleen S.

"Here's what Kate does: she helps you get out of the way of the things that keep you from opening up and being present. Out of the way of yourself.
"Thirty years ago, when I was younger, I sang. Then life intervened: kids, stress, work. And I learned how not to sing. So when I decided it was time to try again, the anxiety of doing well, of doing it 'right', choked me. Working with Kate, I learned how to get out of the way of the music, to feel free to make a mistake and learn from it. Now, at 50, there's still a life full of music." —Gary M.

"Kate helped me to excel beyond what I knew I was capable of doing. She loves lyrics, and taught me that it's the only way to truly touch somebody through song. She demonstrated how to present myself on a stage, and to be a professional with my band. The things she has taught me have made me feel that I can get a gig in a jazz club and become an entertainer in the Music Industry. Thanks, Kate! I love how much you love Jazz." —Kristi K.

"I studied with Kate to gain an understanding of her approach to improvisation. In the process, she inspired and motivated me to discover more options, develop a framework for approach, and helped me reconnect to my inner artist. This could only have happened because of her powerful intuition, great knowledge base, and artistic approach." —Miriam S.

"Kate is an artful instructor who knows how to bring out the jazz in her students. She digs deep into the feel and intent of each song while encouraging bravery and risk-taking!" —Terra G.