Workshops for individuals or small groups

"Kate's workshops are a perfect model of how a skilled teacher assesses individual students' abilities and then takes them from where they are to as far as they can go. Her ability to create an encouraging and collegial atmosphere greatly enhances the joy of learning." --Ann B.

Kate's intimate home studio classes give students an opportunity to learn in a friendly and fun group setting.

What's blooming in Spring 2018? Two classes! Tuesday Scat Lab and Thursday Phrasing Masterclass

This spring, join Kate for an intimate studio class that explores the art of vocal improvisation (aka scat singing) and learn how a singer creates 'instant music' without words. OR take the phrasing class and become more expressive and at home in your songs. You can even sign up for both classes!

Scat Lab: Improvising on the spot

Studio class Tuesdays, February 6 – March 6, 2018
6:30-8:30 PM East Vancouver
Class size limited to 6 singers
Fee: $200**

This intimate studio class offers offers essential tools for creating wordless music "in the moment". Learn how to generate ideas, grab them and use them to create an exciting scat solo.

Class size is limited to 6 singers.
Pre-registration is recommended.

Phrasing: How To Make Any Song YOUR Song

“Kate is a master of jazz phrasing, moving melody and lyrics to suit her purpose, taking her listeners on an expressive journey that makes even old songs sound new again. Her rhythmic groove is flawless, her use of flatted notes and altered intervals so easy and natural, her command of the tune so personal that a song issues from her mouth like a cloud of butterflies. You could swear she was making the tune up entirely.” —Halifax Chronicle Herald

Learn how a singer moves melody and rhythm around to make a song their own. Class details below.

Studio class Thursdays, February 9 – March 9, 2018
6:30-8:30 PM East Vancouver
Class size limited to 6 singers
Fee: $200**

This intimate studio class offers offers essential tools for creating wordless music "in the moment". Learn how to generate ideas, grab them and use them to shape and create a 'scat solo'.

Class size is limited to 6 singers.
Pre-registration is recommended.

Questions? Contact me by e-mail.

What students say about Kate's studio classes.

"This was so much fun. Digging deeper into the melody and the lyric has made me think differently about everything." --Judy N.

"I had never really sung solo, let alone with a real jazz musician. Kate helped me to feel comfortable and that made it easy to take risks. I want to learn more songs now!" --Linda W.

"Kate's Vocology workshop made me so much more aware that singing is something that we all can do. It's all about finding Your Best Voice and opening yourself up to the possibility that you too can be a singer. The fun and supportive environment made it a life-changing experience for me!" - Sue B.(workshop participant)

"I thoroughly enjoyed Kate's Vocology workshops. Learning the science behind voice mechanics and trying out new techniques on fabulous old jazz tunes made for the perfect combo." —Danna M. (workshop participant)

the vocal inspiration series: four steps to reinventing your voice

**postponed... stay tuned for dates and times*

This intimate series of supportive workshops that will help you re-connect with YOUR music. Whether you want to improve your technique, move beyond performance anxiety, deepen your interpretation, or become a better improviser or performer, these classes will inspire and motivate you.

Lots of singing and supportive discussion will help you move into a new depth of freedom, performance and interpretation.

Space is limited, so sign up soon!
A minimum of four students is required for these workshops to run.

Week 1: reconnecting with your creative voice

Get back to basics with your voice. Fundamental techniques that help your breath and sound will free you to sing with YOUR voice!

Week 2: phrasing basics

Interpretation of lyrics is fundamental to finding your style. Explore a variety of lyrics and the basics of getting 'inside the text'.

Week 3:
moving through your song with ease

Go deeper into your song. This class introduces the concept of song-based improvisation, allowing you to create new melodic interest without losing the sense of your song.

Week 4:
improvising made easy

Afraid to improvise? Already improvising but need a new direction or some inspiration? Four simple ideas will inspire you to sing melodic and spontaneous changes that make sense and connect you to your musicality in the moment.

Read more of what Kate's students say...

Other popular classes that will return soon:

The GREAT AMERICAN SONG BOOK: The Composers and Their Songs (Part Two)

Great American Song Book students say:

"Wonderful! The anecdotes and historical information culled by Kate are so interesting, and we sing the songs with Kate's provision of easy-to-read charts in singable keys." – Linda V.

"What a joy to wander through this amazing field of music. The classic songs, the stories about the composers, the singing! So much fun!" – Tess B.

For more information, please contact**
Singers of all levels are welcome to this fun and informative class that looks at the composers of some of the greatest songs of the last hundred years. From Irving Berlin to Burt Bacharach, these composers made a cultural contribution the like of which will never be seen again. Each evening will be dedicated to a single composer. We will sing 6 songs and learn about the composers lives, what inspired their timeless songs, and more. Lots of group singing, no music reading skills necessary. Last season we sang the music of Irving Berlin, Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hart, Harold Arlen, George and Ira Gershwin, and Harry Warren. The spring session features the amazing songs of Johnny Mercer, Hoagy Carmichael, Jerome Kern, Duke Ellington, Jimmy Van Heusen, and Burt Bacharach!

Take all the easy-to read lead sheets home with you, and expand your repertoire!

Class size is limited to 20 singers. Pre-registration is recommended. Contact Kate by e-mail with questions or to register.