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"Kate is my idea of what a great voice teacher should be. She has a broad base of knowledge about the voice, repertoire and technique. She is also kind, funny, and patient and I enjoy my lessons immensely." -  --Sara T.

"Repertoire queen! I am always amazed at how many songs Kate knows and she is so helpful. I had no idea about choosing keys or how to find songs or how to write a chart or anything! I am still working on it but growing so much thanks to her guidance."- --Diane M.

"Kate is very generous in sharing her astonishing expertise, and her teaching style is warm and utterly non-threatening. I started out feeling nervous but very quickly shifted to feeling excited and inspired… she is a talented and inspiring professional. " -  --Jane F.

"I have had a deeply enriching experience as a student of Kate's. She is able to identify what each student needs to work on, communicate this effectively, and offer a practical tool base to assist in the integrated development of each individual vocalist. Kate offers a wide variety of musical sensibilities that make learning from her a truly joyful experience." --Jocelyn H.

"Kate is approachable, kind and fun to work with. And she is a really good teacher who has a way of making complex things seem easy." --Kim S.

"Kate helped me get ready for my college jazz audition. I felt well prepared when I got there, and I got accepted!" --Cindy P.

"Kate, you are an inspiration to me! You are consistently encouraging and unconditionally supportive, and you always inspire me to go beyond what I think I am capable of.” --Caralyn T.

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about lessons and audition preparation

If you would like an initial e-mail or telephone consultation, feel free to contact me: Please be sure to include your telephone number in your message.

All skill levels and ages are accepted. (Please see FAQ for notes on students under 13 years.) Private lessons are divided into regular seasons of fall (mid-September to early-December) and spring (mid-January to mid-May) seasons. I also offer summer lessons by appointment, as my schedule is irregular. Please contact me at if you are interested in summer instruction.

To book a lesson, select the season (below) that you are interested in and check the schedule of available times. Then send a note to with your choice of day(s), date(s) and time(s). Please put LESSONS in the subject line. I will confirm by e-mail.
January – late April

My approach to private instruction considers the needs of each individual student and we build on that. I teach vocal technique, performance preparation, performance techniques, jazz improvisation, repertoire assembly, and more. The atmosphere is professional while remaining casual and friendly.

Preparing for a college music audition? Please bring all of your materials with you. Bring a recording device if you want an audio copy of the session.

Out-of-town or local students may wish to book a longer personal lesson or workshop of 2-4 hours. If you require a session for more than two people please e-mail me at

I also work with groups. Please see classes for an example of workshops that I offer. Or feel free to name your own topic or direction. I am happy to communicate with you in advance to develop your ideal class. I am comfortable in a wide variety of group class situations, including coaching for performances of small groups (choirs or bands) or presenting specific topic-based workshops.


How do I get a schedule of available lesson times?
Please choose the link that applies to the season.
How do I join your mailing list for lesson schedules and studio workshops?
Please e-mail me at with your request. Be sure to put ADD TO LIST in the subject line. I will confirm receipt of your note by e-mail.
Where is your studio?
I teach from my home studio on Vancouver's east side in the Commercial Drive area. It's easy to get here by Skytrain (closest stations are Commercial/Broadway and VCC/Clark) or by bus or car. (I am close to the #20 and #22 bus lines). There is some street parking available in the area. Contact me at help! for directions.
How much do lessons cost?

30 minutes $45 60 minutes $60 90 minutes $100

Payment methods
Cash, cheque or internet transfer.

How do I prepare for my first lesson?

I ask all new students to come prepared to sing something (anything) so that I can hear their voice. This can be an a cappella song, something with an accompaniment track that can be played through my computer, or a song with a sheet for accompaniment. I read chord symbols but not two-hand piano score. It is helpful if you come warmed-up for singing.
If you have a SPECIFIC PROJECT that you wish to work on, please bring all the pertinent materials with you. This includes sound recordings, links to internet video files, etc. Feel free to e-mail me at help! if you have questions.

Please note that my studio is a FRAGRANCE-FREE zone. Like many people, I am sensitive to a wide variety of commercial and natural fragrances including personal hygiene products and laundry soaps.

How often should I come? Weekly? Once a month?
Lesson frequency is up to the student, depending on how much time they have to practice between lessons and other personal variables. Once a week, bi-weekly, monthly, once or twice a season; students can make their own schedules.
When do you teach?
In the spring and fall, private instruction time is generally limited to Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings, as I also teach at Vancouver Community College. Summer is more flexible.
If the spring and fall times listed do not work for you, please feel free to contact me at help! to see what else might be available. Out of town students may want to contact me at help! to discuss weekend lessons or private workshop sessions.
How long are the lessons?
One hour each. Or 30 minutes. Or 90 minutes. Please confirm with me at booking time which you prefer.
Do you book lessons for two people?
Yes. My fee is $90 per hour for two people. Each successive hour is $60 for two.
May I record my lesson to take home?
Absolutely yes! If you bring a recording device, you are welcome to record the session.
Do you teach young children?
Yes, with some reservations. Singers under the age of 13 are generally too young to be working on physically rigorous vocal technique, but there are many other ways to teach young children to enjoy singing in a healthy way. I think that all lessons should encourage growth and be a rewarding experience, but no one can promise commercial success to any artist of any age. If the parents are interested in encouraging their child's general musicality and enjoyment of singing, I am happy to teach the child. I prefer to avoid situations where either the parent or the child has unrealistic goals of stardom or success.
I am out of town. Do you teach on Skype or FaceTime?
Yes, if we can book a time that is mutually agreeable. Please note that Skype/FaceTime lessons have a time delay that prevents us from interacting musically in real time, but we can work around it. Skype/FaceTime lessons must be paid in advance by direct deposit or by cheque.
What is Bodywork and how does it relate to Somatic Voicework℠ – The Lovetri Method?
Bodywork is anything that works on the body itself and helps a person become more able to perceive through the five senses. Bodywork allows the singer to release physical tensions, move more freely, feel more fully, and breathe more deeply, and also increases one's awareness of sensations. It amplifies one's trust of the body and its responses.
Somatic Voicework™ The LoVetri Method allows the voice and body to be partners with the mind, whether it be for song or speech. It allows the instrument to handle a variety of tasks with greater ease and less effort.
What is your cancellation policy?
With a minimum of 24 hours notice, there is no penalty as that allows time to book another student. Within 24 hours (illness, forgot, etc.) $4o.

During my regular teaching seasons (Fall and Spring), I am happy to put you my Short Notice List for cancellations, so please feel free to send me your name, email and number, and I will confirm with you.

2020 spring lessons (january-may)
Tuesday, January 21 @ 6:00pm, 7:00pm
Wednesday, January 22 @ 3:00pm. 4:00pm, 5:00pm, 6:00pm
Thursday, January 23 @ 6:00pm, 7:00pm
Saturday, January 25 @ 11am, noon

summer lessons (june-august)

I am in and out of town in the summer months but am happy to teach when I am here. Please contact me at help! to see if we can find a mutually agreeable time for a lesson.

Fall Lessons (September-December)

Please check back in August for the Fall Schedule.